About the Lab

A wireless playground for the manufacturing industry

AAU 5G Smart Production Lab is a further development of AAU Smart Production Lab – an interdisciplinary research initiative at Aalborg University (AAU) started in 2015. The objective of the research centre is to investigate how manufacturing industries can benefit from wireless communication and robotics and automation as emerging technologies.

Research is conducted in close collaboration with Danish industries in a safe, neutral, and non-commercial environment – an industrial, wireless playground. As a company, you can explore the potential of integrating digital and mechanical processes in manufacturing processes. 

The main advantages of 5G and wireless connection are adaptability, convenience, and mobility, which enable off-board centralised cloud solutions. This allows robots, production equipment, and factory infrastructure to be controlled from a central location, providing better coordination and an optimised production and infrastructure with less hardware in each unit.

It is our vision that 5G will be known as ‘the wireless cable’, offering data rates, delays, and reliability just as stable as cable connection – but without the cable. Through our research and collaboration with Danish manufacturing companies, we are committed to work towards the achievement of this goal.

Smart Production combined with 5G 

Smart Production equipment such as production modules, robotic arms, and mobile robots is combined with 5G and other wireless technologies in a unique, safe, and neutral test and research environment.

A wireless control of industrial production enables manufacturing companies to improve several areas such as:

  • Faster and more agile production setup and commissioning
  • Greater interconnection of mobile production assets
  • Cloud and Edge Cloud integration and utilization
  • Connected, digital supply chain
  • Cross-company collaboration
  • Swarm production
  • Digital twins

The lab offers support from experts in manufacturing industrial production and wireless technology.


AAU 5G Smart Production Lab is a joint venture between Department of Electronic Systems in The Technical Faculty of IT and Design and Department of Materials and Production in Faculty of Engineering and Science at AAU.


The two departments are specialised in wireless communication and robotics and automation.

This combination is unique in Denmark and an exceptional possibility for Danish companies to test and experiment with new technology in a safe environment together with world-class researchers.